Monday, November 26, 2007

My Friend From New England Might be In the Crowd

By Saturday night, I am wiped. Not quite ready to collapse in bed, I flip on the computer to see who stopped by the ol’ website. Weekends are so slow. No messages, no activity (except for my favorite stalker at 9:50 PM EST on Saturday, November 24).

So I figure I’ll check out the latest insanity on You Tube. Seriously, I am that bored. After a quick search on my name, I get down to serious business. Let’s see how “Cohoes” works in search.

And by the power of Bill Gates, I find this. For your entertainment on this cold and rainy Monday, I present it to you. Enjoy.

I don’t know where to begin with the comments. I guess I did this story back here. The dude doing the talking for the Street Academy is the guy who soundly thrashed us all by his lonesome. Memory is failing, but I think the three gals there were mutes.

As for the Keveny Fab Four, the less said the better. My rocking mop could only be eclipsed via some serious Afro action. Thank you George. It’s nice to be vindicated on my earlier claim that Ms. Tremblay has not and will never be seen without a smile. Rock on, Cathy! It all came back to me Saturday night why I couldn’t remember the last member of the team. I think, I’m not sure, young Jimmy there got stage fright. He looks very quietly spooked down there on the end.

Oh well, your narrator does appear to be a little hopped up. There’s one instance in the video where they show both teams in split screen (with our man Chuck buzzing with the correct answer). I’m sitting there, not quite unlike a moron, nodding my head, ready to push my fist through the dais. It can never be checked conclusively, but I’m pretty sure I am saying “Motherf*cker!” right there on camera.

I’ve been through the tape several times so that I might best spot all the individuals in the audience. My list for sure, so far:
Teachers: Mr. Labate, SMD, SAM, Mr. Hogan, Ms. Copeland, Ms. Prezio, Sr. Maura
Students: (like the whole class of 1981, but to be fair I’ll name them as best I can): Steve Cherniak, Dave Roberts, Steve Parente, Mark St. Dennis, Pat Guzy, Keith Cushing, Ms. Rigney, Marla McCutcheon, that other Steve guy whose last name escapes me and I know I am forgetting a bunch of people but I can’t remember and I can’t watch it at work
Other students: Kathy Carpenter, Jeff McCutcheon

If you study the tape and spot someone, feel free to drop me a line at Me getty the postee fixed up real good, real quick.

Last comment: I don’t spot any 1982 classmates. Kind makes me want to reiterate my earlier “Motherf*cker!”

I was going to give you one more link for today, but this video can’t share the spotlight with anybody or anything. Sorry Frank, the upside to being pre-empted, of course, is that you will probably have the spotlight to yourself tomorrow.

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Frank said...

I can identify Mike Sweeney, Mark St. Dennis, and the Steve is Steve Veselka (sp)